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To Master Garage Door Services, where all your garage door problems vanish with our skills. Garage doors are a significant exit and entrance into your home, so it is paramount that it is highly secured whether you are present or absent.

At Master Garage Door Services, we go beyond the usual for some extraordinary. If you reside in [post_title], CA, and need a competent, reliable, and affordable gate door service team, call us now at (323) 991-8727

What Do We Do?

Master Garage Door Services offer the best, reliable, and affordable residential and commercial services in [post_title]. Our services are second to none as we have skilled, qualified, experienced, and seasoned technicians to deliver beyond your request.  Our customers know that we are ready for the job. We have fully stocked vans allowing us to reach your premises and carry out the required service promptly.

So whether you are looking to install a brand new garage door, replace the old one with something modern, tech, or luxurious, or repair a broken spring, look no further than Master Garage Door Services. We offer clients impeccable services regardless of the complexity or size of the garage door. At Masters Garage Door services, we get the job done working with your budget too.

Our Services

Master Garage Emergency Service

Like all other services, your garage door will always inform you when something is wrong. Have you been hearing cranky noise, having difficulty opening or closing the door, the garage door gets jammed but opens after a few tugs, then you need our service.

It does not matter the time of the day or night; you deserve to be safe in your home. Call our toll-free line, and we will send a technician closest to your location to resolve the problem. If the issue is not one for immediate action, we will do our best to ensure you are safe and schedule a time to check it out the next day.

Master Garage Door emergency services are on the road to keep Californians safe, whether at home or in the office.

Broken Spring Replacement Service

The spring is the primary functional part of your garage door. It is responsible for lifting and lowering the door, so if your garage suddenly stops opening or jammed, then a broken spring is to blame.

If the garage door is hard to open or is lopsided, the spring is to blame. Call the Master Garage Door Services at (323) 991-8727 to prevent more damages to the door or an injury to a loved one.

Types Of Garage Door Springs

Many garage doors have a torsion spring or the extension spring. Extension springs are the vertical springs that run parallel to the door track. Every time you open or close, a tension vibrates through them, causing weakness. With time, spring is weak and snaps with continuous opening and closing.

Torsion springs are thicker and located above the door and create a torque force during opening or closing.

Warning Signs Of a Broken Spring

Fortunately, replacing a broken spring is as simple as removing the old one and fixing a new one. While you can be tempted to change the faulty one, do not. Any good garage service technician knows better than to do one side spring replacement alone.

At Master Garage door services, our technician will replace both springs to ensure you do not call when the other one is broken. The job to replace a broken spring takes about 45 to 90 minutes, and we will work silently.


Garage Door Installation

New garage doors increase the appeal and beauty of your home, adds an extra layer of security, and makes you feel safe away or not. Whether you want an install a new garage door for the first time or upgrade your old garage door for something modern and befitting, call us.

Call the Master Garage Door Services at (323) 991-8727.

We provide exquisite garage door installation, and our experience means you get one-on-one garage door education to choose the right one suitable for your premises – home or office. We will gladly walk you through the process of selecting, measuring, purchasing, installing, and fine-tuning your new garage door.

If you need to replace the old one, we will expertly remove the old garage door with no damage or alterations except if the new one has a different design. Our team will work swiftly to ensure your garage door is in place within a day.

Why do you need to install a new garage door?

Garage doors are heavier, sturdier but more secure so that they cannot be easily broken into. It means your family, property, and business is safe too.

It is an investment worth having on your property. Whether you are living on the premises or looking to sell it in the future. So when installing a new garage door, always go for the best one and choose the best team.

So what are you waiting for? Call Master Garage Door Services now at (323) 991-8727.

Garage Door Opener

The garage door is probably the most used door in the home and the largest mechanical object too. So it is only fair that this access point is as dependable and efficient as possible. Asides from standing up to the elements, the opener must be of high quality capable of lifting and closing the garage door without issues.

Need to install, repair, or replace your garage door opener? Look no further than Master Garage Door Services [post_title]. You can reach us at (323) 991-8727. Whether you prefer the classic look, traditional style, modern door or cannot make up your mind. Do not worry; we have the team to install the perfect garage opener for you.

Garage Off-Track Repair Services

Is your garage door off-track and needs professional help? Do not worry. There is a solution in your backyard. Call (323) 991-8727 now.

When your garage door is off-track, it can be tempting to fix it o your own but please do not.

An off-track garage door is awaiting danger and should never be tampered with without the aid of a professional. When the garage door is off-track, it means the cable is broken or the path is obstructed.

Our professional garage door service team will be on your property within the hour to resolve the issue with your garage door.

Why Is My Garage Door Off-Track?

There are plenty of reasons why a garage would come off its track, but we will list out two very common ones. The first is a damaged or broken cable. The cable carries the bulk weight of your garage door. Although it is designed to last, wear and tear takes its toll and creates a weakness in the cable.

The second reason is an immense weight hitting the door. If the garage door is close to a basketball court, then slamming into it is one way to shift it off track. If the garage door is not opened properly and you drive into it, it will cause it to go off track.

Regardless of the reason, do not panic. We will help you get the door back on track in no time. It does not matter the extent of the damage; it can be fixed by the Master Garage Door Services team.

Our team will answer all your questions, while we try to devise the right solution to fit your problem. Call (323) 991-8727 to get that garage door back on track.

About Us

Master Garage Door Services – Residential and Commercial Garage Door provider in Montebello

Master Garage Door Services has been repairing, replacing, and installing high-quality garage doors throughout [post_title], California for many decades. When we first opened for business, it was to help people manage the constant problem associated with garage doors

Today we are a well-established, registered, and recognized company reputable and ready to install or repair your garage door. We do not operate from an online office. We have a physical office and shop where customers can walk in and seek help with their garage door.

Our philosophy to fixing garage doors is simple- using only the best quality products, qualified technicians, and manufacturers to deliver excellence at every service. We are well aware that each call is different, and your needs are too. That is not a problem; we are ready to tackle any garage door issue to the nitty-gritty.

Who Are We?

With skills and techniques we have inherited from generations past and modern ways, our reputation and customers tell our story. As a family-owned business, we owe it to our community to deliver incredible service because it is our home too.

Backed with decades of experience and a talented team, we will handle all your garage door problems, including installations, replacement, repairs, and sales of products.

What Do We Offer?

Our customers get the best from us, and our installers have extensive knowledge of garage doors and accessories to resolves any residential and commercial garage door problems.

We provide exceptional customer care service, and each job is better than the last. Our goal is that the client must be satisfied and safe with our work.

We understand the fears of having a damaged or faulty garage door and will do anything day or night to ensure our customer is safe in their home in the shortest possible time.

For more information on what we do, please call us at (323) 991-8727 or read through our service page

Why Choose Us?

As a locally homegrown business, we have served and will continue to service [post_title] families and businesses with the best tools, techniques, and talents. Your garage door might look like just one, but it is a security access point to your home that must be secure.

We have been in business for decades and learned the trade from firsthand knowledge passed down through the ladder but also equipped ourselves with modern tools and techniques to ensure our customers are satisfied, safe, and secure in their homes or place of work.


We have a broad understanding of garage doors; from old-fashion wooden doors to high-tech garage doors, the Master Garage Door Services have the team and tools for the job. Whether an exposed spring or concealed one, we are the guys to call for any garage door problem.

Master Garage Door Services, Your best bet for high-quality service in Montebello, CA.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so there is no fear as we are the best. Our service is based on honesty, transparency, reliability, and understanding, so you can trust that every person at your premises is vetted and ready to work.

Do you need a garage door repair service in Montebello, California? We are the team to call.

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